Giving back to society

Nyameka & Associates actively contributes to society and the development of the communities it has operated in. Contributions made have been in different forms namely: 

  • student placements for six months experiential learning required for attainment of qualifications by aspiring graduates;  
  • placement of qualified graduates to gain practical experience through internships; and
  • donation of books to public libriaries in previously disadvantaged communities.

The in-service training and internship programme enhances the student’s opportunities to gain entry into the world of work while book donations to public libraries help to promote a culture of reading – much needed by youth and adults.

These contributions have resulted in an acknowledgement by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)  as well as being named “the friend of the library” in Thembalethu, George.

The company prides itself on “making a difference” in more ways than service provision to clients.  

What the interns say about their experience:

I have worked at Nyameka & Associates as an Intern (Project Admin)and it has been a very rewarding experience. I have always believed the place where we work should be thrilling, as it's where we spend most of our time. It's supposed to be a place where people can not only do their job, but also do it with the feeling that they are "at home". And Nyameka & Associates offers that.

People here are so friendly that it makes the "teamwork spirit" very clear and stimulating. This is, in turn, reflected in a very positive and happy day-to-day mindset. Everybody helps each other in order to achieve our goals, everybody  is welcome to think up and contribute new ideas and nobody minds helping other people out when necessary. This is a company that gives everyone the chance to develop themselves as a person and as a professional.

Nqabisa Samana, Project Administrator (Intern) June 2012

Cape Peninsula University of Technology – Student




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